Basquiat dreams…

There are some similarities to Jean Michel Basquiat art..making my Basquiat dreams come true without the drug use.They say a lot of artist used mind altering drugs to make them better artists..I feel if your creative your creative. without anything enhancing it, that’s unnatural..I’m not at all knocking Basquiat struggle or creativity.He was a genius..I just recently watched the movie Basquiat again for I don’t know how many times.I just find him so intriguing.I definitely want to be able to reach out to people and inspire people as he had lives..To give people positive outlooks on life that have gone through similarchallenges in their lives. It’s a gift that I feel I must share with people.

5 thoughts on “Basquiat dreams…

  1. This is nice… but I gave up drugs and drinking a long time ago.. what I write is all me….. It took me so long to find this… lol.. you gotta bare with me I’m new to the computer world… basically I’m technology challenged. Lol

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