Two heads are better than one…

It wasn’t love at first sight,however we did reach that height.expected enjoyment…commonly relating on things that are unusual.connecting mentally.stimulatingand education  one another on pass knowledge.great schooler,in loves eyes there was no one cooler…blinded by the feelings… in our love the damages they were healing. from the great power of possibility. In our ability, The Hope and happiness of something new. I had once found in you…. two heads are better than one… never to imagine the hurt that would come but when you fall sometimes you fall happens to all.however I am still happy that I had the opportunity to fall. some people never experience that.. This is fact.. I had that crazy storybook Romance… I gave that hardcore love a chance… two heads are better than one and yes we did have fun.


2 thoughts on “Two heads are better than one…

  1. Lucky you, I had my chances but turned them down foolishly, not that my Mother and Father would have allowed. What did I do I married a man I knew from age 16, he was 30 years older, was it happy – maybe at first. But, one learns to adapt, put up and shut up I guess and learn to REGRET. I was desperate to be loved, always wanted to be loved for me, still do – now too late and yes I still Regret.


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