Baby doll..

worrying over things that does not hold much importance in your life. baby doll tosses and turns in baby dolls sleep..pressure Becomes Her to be perfect in every way. baby doll is afraid to face another day..the world is upon her for what reason she does not know…stressing and stressing over things that she has no control doll cannot move. she knows she needs to improve. plastic face, plastic arms plastic legs, plastic doll is just a doll.she does not feel well in this world she’s just made to be played with then discarded  when she gets used too much. fear becomes her.beautiful baby doll…is a shame because a lot of women do feel that way. we worry about things that are not in our control. we lose sleep over things that are not our problems and then at times were used up and felt as if we have been thrown away.feeling as if we’re just little baby doll.feeling as if we’re numb and at times have plastic parts… something to think about…


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