see, look let me explain it wasn’t at first that plain. I must take a stand for what I believe. please let me breathe. I will be back but right now I must leave. see, look it’s not hard to understand the life I need to lead. with you I feel like as if I have to plead. strong I am perhaps stronger than I’ve ever been. then again I cry more often now. it doesn’t seem as if you care if I smile. you know I’ve been down for a while. I have to pull myself back up by the bootstraps. so I do not relapse. I figured out how to escape from all those traps. See,See,look, look… I’m starting to stutter and my life needs to get better. so I’m going to start to take this walk on my own Journey. trust me when I say you can really learn from me. I know these roads are rocky. right now nothing is going to stop me.


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