I feel..

I feel Zora Neale Hurston on a rainy day now you look at me and think does she pray. I feel like Sonia Sanchez when the ground is dry and you ask yourself does she cry. I am Maya Angelou when the hot sun is shining on my face and you wonder does she feel out of place. I am feeling Langston Hughes in my suit and tie and you question does she even try. I am poems of Hope, struggle, freedom and the pain.. this I remain unseen in the eyes of others as so, as I go. I move with rhythm of jazz in The Roots planted deeply and freely..Bumping the beats as loud as I can and you asked me again who are you, who are you..


9 thoughts on “I feel..

      1. Creative work is protected by copyright the moment of its creation. registration with the copyright office is optional. Registration is necessary, if you file a lawsuit for copy right infringement against another party. So it really isn’t necessary, I only stamp my work to make sure if it is ever shared and my name removed or omitted I have the proof it is my work. This blog proves that. Does this help? I simply created my own copyright mark, since it is already copyrighted under US law once it’s created.

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