Watch “Gabrielle – Dreams” on YouTube


6 thoughts on “Watch “Gabrielle – Dreams” on YouTube

      1. yes!!!! loved TLC…bet you looked smashing as TBoz was quite the dish!

        I’ve adapted “Waterfalls” into a song for my dog, Daisy.

        🎶Don’t go chasing dust bunnies, please stick to the crickets and the mice that you’re used to….🎶

        That’s all I got so far.

        When the sun seeps in sometimes, she’s taken to chasing a few floating dust bunnies in the air on those days right before I do my weekly cleaning! Haha, I think she is maybe helping? Such a high strung chihuahua to be bothered by dust bunnies! I’ve never known a dog to do that before, lol! And I’ve had dogs my whole life. ❤︎

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