Young gifted and black..inspired by Nina Simone!

Oh how I wish I was told that, Young gifted and black! more in my past, I grew up slow while everyone else seem  fast. excelled at my secret Passion, everything else I felt as if I came last in. for I was passionate about the Poetry. I had a secret Flow in me. Yes I was pretty good at math but that was not my path.. my subject was English.. however if it was Expressed everyone laughed. I like to write poetry, it just grows in me. my mother told me I had a gift which gave my soul that left. for some reason I felt like I needed to hear it over and over again. I feel as if my roads wouldn’t have been as hard as it has been. I needed to hear your young gifted and black often. Don’t get me wrong my mother encouraged me to be all I can be, to be the best me…in life there are beautiful possibilities.. A big question is there a future in poetry, constantly would circle in my mind but I just love the way words sound when they rhyme… as life takes its course my reality is forced. I am definitely not as young as I used to be but I still Flow Free. I will always be black and be gifted. I pray that I have positive, motivational poetry that is uplifted..šŸ’œšŸ’™šŸ’›ā¤šŸ’ššŸŒ¹


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