Dream Crusher…

Please do not touch her…For she is a Dream Crusher.. Do not share your hopes and aspirations.. For she has no patience.. Dreaming is Child’s Play she would say, STOP! because there’s bills to pay… Reality is rough, dreams are just a bluff. A psych out, for your psyche so stop dreaming and be bitter like me.. would be the Expressions on her face, when I would say I’m leaving this place!! I dream of leaving this town.. I would constantly express to her. somehow she would find words to put me down.. She would State the world is not what you want it to be, it is just what it is. and how you going to make it out there anyway, you ain’t never really been no Wiz.. I stand up for myself and State I am smart and I have heart. I walk by faith and not by sight and I pray with all my might. like my mother has always taught me, to go after your dreams and things are not as bad as it seems. I keep my mother’s words treasured in my heart and my mind.. and anybody that tries to stop me is a waste of their time…I can’t quite understand why I had to battle with someone bitter… I know my mother had taught me better… Be aware of the dream crushers.. they will say anything to stand in your way. perhaps they had dreams or aspirations that they could not fulfill… you should not lower self-esteems, self esteems you should build.


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