Inspired by my blogger buddy’s post..

I’ve been engaged overaged and in Rage… Happy and hopeful dumb and doubtful.. Patient and pushy…. The big question is why would anyone want to marry me….” If anyone wants  to commit their life to me… I am pretty sure I would want to have them committed” I am extremely Moody yes I admitted. Dealings with my up and down feelings… My emotional rollercoaster, the person would have to be a thrill seeker… Is that the heart keeper? Different then I am still have to have things in common… At times I can be Charming… Breakdowns are alarming… Now if someone finds all this is appealing… If you’re down then I’m willing lol…I would wonder what was wrong with you… We all have strange things that we do… Questioning what makes this person attracted to me… Im more then what the eyes can see… I am not conceited at all…I do get those calls… Smh… However some may say Im pretty.. Some may say I’m Gritty… Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. How life works, we all are getting older.. Beautiful to me, goes deeper than the skin.. So take a look in…. 

 Great thanks for inspiring 



I hope I put up the right link.. I’m a little new… pardon me if it isn’t correct…


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