Tell me!

Why didn’t anyone tell me?
I thought I was the s***….
couldn’t everyone  smell me?
I was the fresh “meat” in town… whatever was going on, I was down. Bogarting the beaches, socializing with the leeches.
Talking crimes with the masterminds…
Beating up blocks with Hard Knocks. I was determined to be known.. I was “Fresh” To The Bone…
I was on the scene looking “green”… Why didn’t anyone tell me…
I thought I was the s***….
couldn’t everyone smell…? Being noticed was my main focus….  The question was I the clown in this circus?  I just loved when my name was called across a crowded Club room… But soon I would be doomed.. Forgotten like yesterday’s fad, oooh how sad! Hard work, now treated like dirt.. I myself didn’t notice I was acting like a jerk… Avoided the drug scene.. However alcohol made me mean.. I didn’t want to go deeper than that. but still wanted to remain in the eyes of others as a cool “cat”… Danced until the sun showed its face… “Fame” I just wanted a little taste… Popular and there was no stopping her… Meeee with every degree… I felt as if I graduated to the big leagues… But then reality hit me in my face like, girl please! It was like all of it was a tease… Why didn’t anyone tell me? I thought I was the s***.. couldn’t everyone smell me? The moral of the story, chasing the glitter the glory.. For your own self satisfaction but not even you can explain your own actions… I hope you enjoy this read and understand the difference between wants and needs…πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜³πŸ˜€πŸ“


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