Succeeding at my own level of success…

Anyone could be pushed
to do anything depending
on negative or positive motivation. Be aware of your surroundings..
Be careful of what kinds of people you keep in your circle…
Some May mean you harm..
Some may truly want to see you succeed.

I personally could never comprehend those that mean other people harm.
Us as human beings should always want the best for one another.
From my personal experience I have had people in my life that have  stood in the way of my progress. Perhaps they needed me to stay in the same situation for their selfish reasons. I am about growth, learning and experiencing what life has to offer. In that situation I was motivated in a negative way. So I could stay stuck… Believing the unpleasant words that was being thrown at me. There have been more positive motivators in my life than negative.. For some strange reason with me, the negativity stains my heart and repeats in my mind. The positive motivators made it capable for me to share my dreams and aspirations. They were my personal cheerleaders. It doesn’t hurt to have Humble people rooting you on. Success means different things to people. I am an artsy type of person. At one point in time in my life I was surrounded by those that wasn’t. It was expressed to me that poetry wasn’t important… Poetry does not bring home the “paper”.  However I kept on writing because that’s what I found pleasure in. Be careful of who you keep in your circle. Having different interests is fine but when someone is belittling what you take pride in. That becomes unhealthy! At certain point in times of my life I wish that I was more stronger minded, not to take in every negative word that was spoken… With age comes wisdom, with life comes learning.. I am more aware of my surroundings. I am cautious of the company I keep. I think God for the positive motivators… Learning that tough lessons that the negative motivators have to teach… Because the negative was put there for a reason… I’m learning when to step away from unhealthy situations…
Succeeding at my own level of success.
It doesn’t always have to make sense to others. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, It is fine!


9 thoughts on “Succeeding at my own level of success…

  1. Drench em naysayers and em! God loves you and has blessed you with an amazing writing gift, which I really like and adore a lot! Not only can you write well, but draw well too as well. Ok maybe I should of used another word for “well” but yeah you get what I meanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ keep it up and continue moving forward girlie! Much love! Xx

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