Why do some love so different than others? Or show love different? 

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      1. All I know about love is the false faces of it I use to think was love… that’s all I can remember! Now what I do in my writing when it comes down to more sensitive writing is write how I would like love to be sence I don’t really have it. I’ve been in love twice in my 32 years… my first love was shot and killed… Long story so please don’t ask…

        My second love turned drug addict and betrayed me off and on for seven years.

        Long story… so please don’t ask… now there was a third who I no loves me till this day but I don’t give second chances… she was legally still married to her ex…

        I didn’t mind but she lied…. I have zero tolerance for liers…. the true can be a ugly thing sometimes… but I can forgive the truth… honestly is everything and loyalty is priceless.

        I’ve dated hear and there some… but nothing worked… eather the wanted to fuck fast. Or they were distracted by other things and other people… I haven’t dated in almost 4 years… I grew up fast as a child so I was literally a adult at 12years…

        See it all done it all… but I could never grip on to true love…..

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      2. Being in love and loving someone is totally different. My question is why do people love differently or show their love differently? Like for an example like someone will think giving someone material things is a show of love.. Some Will feel quality time is showing someone love, another people will feel giving someone space is a show of respect and love.

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  1. I think it comes down to different personalities and comfort levels (?). I tend to oscillate between chronically cuddly and being ok with having personal space. It probably sounds confusing, which is probably because it probably is 😉 Heck, I confuse myself lol 💞

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