I see myself on a platform and I perform. I say words not songs but they are bobbing their heads to the melody. can you follow me? sounds good to the ears as words appear, to move them in a way of understanding not demanding, as I am able to hold everyone’s attention on all Dimensions. Its not a song but I’m singing. every word they heard. eyes are open and so our hearts, awareness I spark. I cry out with all I have and all I had honoring my Mom and my Dad by standing up for what I believe in. never been, a hand or two I will lend. remember they are my own to loan. speaking in teaching as I have been taught, they understand the fight and why I fought, I see myself on this platform and  I perform. words that are warm, there is no wonder why I’m here, it explains it all. this is what I have instilled so I install, The knowledge, the freedom, the growth this is my oath. Written by me..slowpoke1977✊