Walking too slow for others! Feel free to walk in front of me.

Phone home. .. randomly ranting!

Phone home but I’m not ET… Lol It’s that traveler in me! randomly ranting!


an amazing day..

I just want to  thank all my followers.I remember when I got this notification and how proud I was to receive it. now that I’m almost up to 200 followers you cannot imagine how much joy this brings to my life. I’m showing my gratitude and appreciation to all my followers. love and respect and write  on!!πŸ“ƒπŸ“πŸ“„πŸ“ƒ

Things go wrong but you know I still “write”…..

Life goes on
Life goes on
Things go wrong
But You know I still write
With pain and might
Remembering when we
Were living that American dream
You and I were that all star
American team
Then the game changed
The “court” was rearranged
We were all of a sudden playing
against one another
Situations became bitter
Life goes on
Life goes on
No longer walking together, in the opposite direction we had to run
Things go wrong
Without each other,  we had to learn how to be strong
But you know I still write
No bark no bite
Remembering our last fight
Now you know I was right

changing. …

Changing for the good
The past is understood
Leaving the bad behind
Freeing my mind
Knowing what it all meant
Messages loud and clear
Heaven sent
Learning from the mistakes
Growing from the heart aches
Step by step
Promises I know I kept
Praying the world can feel my heart
And relate to my rough start
To truly live and unselfishly give


Harlem Hip hopin
and be-bopping
fiss Poppin
pumping and jumping
Like that rhythm
write that rhythm
Rhymes of the times
rhyme on time
rhymes of the times
Odd and simple
simple but odd
The Harlem Renaissance
they call them the Poetry gods
Bop bop
bop bop
can you do it like that
Now say it all fast
because we are all About That Jazz