Walking too slow for others! Feel free to walk in front of me.

Wild woman…

Wild woman
child-like woman
free, easy and crazy
not lazy
love on her lips
in all the right places
curves and dips
exploring nothing boring
grooving and moving
life improving
slow pace to a happier place
a pleasing face
never can she forget her tears making big steps and overcoming her fears
the woman was wild like a child excited about learning what’s new
a better future she is ready to pursue


The conversation….

You are to psychological
I understand everything that bothers you
It’s your biological
it’s you being
it’s your perception
you being and him fleeing
but see he had to leave to achieve what he had to achieve
there is no way you can fit your feet in his shoes
you need to understand that it was him who had more to lose
the choice that he made wasn’t his to choose
it’s not anything simple to comprehend
it is his right to defend
you sit there and over-think every decision
under estimating everyone else’s vision
beautiful lies there
those burdens are too heavy for one person to Bare
analyzing movements
sabotaging improvements
not wanting to be stuck in a depression state
somehow you feel as if it’s not up for debate
it becomes your comfort zone
no one wants to relate
you just feel all alone
as ears are there to listen
Arm’s Reach Out To Hold
just so those burdens you can unload wanting badly to free all your pain understanding The Words stability and maintain
Not wanting thoughts to run rapid in your brain.
So you pray not to remain the same
The question is does he take all the blame

a poem written by me

Hard work 

Greed because they once was in need..

hungry for what they did not have.

searching for a Pure path.

work their fingers to the Bone to own.

did not steal ,did not deal!

looking to live an honest life for real!

when they got what they needed

that hunger they were able to feed it.

with everything that they were told was good.

working hard was understood.


I see myself on a platform and I perform I say words not songs but they are bobbing their heads to the melody..can you follow me? sounds good to their ears as words appear, to move them in a way of understanding not demanding as I am able to hold everyone’s attention on all dimensions. It is not a song but I’m singing every word they heard. eyes are open and so our hearts, awareness I spark. I cry out with all I have and all I’v had…Honoring my mom and dad by standing up for what I believe in. Never bend, a hand or two I will lend. remembering they are my own to loan…speaking and teaching as I have been taught.  they understand the fight and why I Fought. I see myself on a platform and I perform  words that are warm.. There is no wonder why I am here.. It explains it all this is what has been instilled so I install, The knowledge, the freedom and The Growth this is my oath. Written by me…❤