Walking too slow for others! Feel free to walk in front of me.

Done deal!!!

I am remembering,
You in my living room
eyes filled with gloom.
You stated that you needed something from me.
Now I see!
You wanted to weaken
my interbeing.
My heart you was not freeing.
I was learning how to live
You just was not that supportive.
My dreams were starting
to come true.
But it wasn’t your dreams too.
You couldn’t understand how much being there meant to me.
You would just look at me crazy.
I had plans for years,
stood up to my fears.
For all of it to shortly
come to an end.
For some reason til this day
You I still defend.
I know you were wrong on so
many levels.
We were both doing our thing,
We were both revels.
I embrace your beautiful heart that you said I changed.
Our love became deranged. ..
We didn’t know one another anymore.
So I made a big step and
Chose to walk out that door.
To watch my dreams fade.
I cry over all the mistakes I made.
You took from me when you knew I was already weak.
Then that was when our love became bleak.
It’s still difficult to understand why things became so tragic.
The abuse I just wasn’t having it.
Our love has forever lost it’s magic.
Remembering our great times together.
I pray and hope in our next relationship, we do better.